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Our Products

TRT3 Toilet Roll Dispensers
White & Stainless Still
Series 1 Folded Hand Towel Dispenser
Series 1 Folded Hand Towel Dispenser
White & Stainless Still
Hands Free Rolled Hand Towel Dispenser
Dual Folded Hand Towel Dispenser
Roll Control Rolled Towel Dispenser
Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser
Interleave Tissue Dispenser
AQUA* Soap/Foam Dispenser
Jumbo Floor Stand
Air Freshener dispenser & Sprays

Dispenser available in white only. Compact unit containing a aerosol refill which is programmed to spray at predetermined intervals.
This refill lasts for up to 60 days.

The units are refilled by Excellent Hygiene Staff and the refills are included in the rental price
Automatic Hot Air Hand Dryer
Automatic Hot Air Hand Dryer

Fits neatly and attractively beneath the paper dispenser.

Available in white only. Low noise, aluminium casing. S.A.B.S approved. Economical, 1900W. Operated by sensor mechanism.
Sanitary Bins - Grey & White Plastic
Rectangular. Elegant and slim line. Services are carried out on a 7, 14 or 28-day cycle depending on the client's needs. Excellent Service handles the removal of used sanitary towels in the most discreet and hygienic manner possible. A plastic liner bag with a perfumed anti - bacterial absorbent powder (that lasts up to 6 weeks) is placed inside the bin to deodorise all soiled towels. This liner bag is removed at each service and the bins wiped down with a concentrated SAB approved chemical that destroys 99% of all bacteria. All units are supplied with disposal packets and are also replaced at each service and are inclusive of the unit rental price
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