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Feminine Hygiene Waste Disposal Services
The safe disposal feminine hygiene waste is essential to ensure your SCHOOL or COMPANY complies with the ENVIRONMENT (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulation 1992.The Water Industries Act 1991, and the Environmental Protection Act.
Sanitary Bins - Grey & White Plastic
Rectangular. Elegant and slim line. Services are carried out on a 7, 14 or 28-day cycle depending on the client's needs. Excellent Service handles the removal of used sanitary towels in the most discreet and hygienic manner possible.

A plastic liner bag with a perfumed anti - bacterial absorbent powder (that lasts up to 6 weeks) is placed inside the bin to deodorise all soiled towels. This liner bag is removed at each service and the bins wiped down with a concentrated SAB approved chemical that destroys 99% of all bacteria.

All units are supplied with disposal packets and are also replaced at each service and are inclusive of the unit rental price
Deep Cleaning
Our Once-Off Cleaning Division will take care of:
Deep cleaning, eg ablution blocks and toilets
Cleaning of high-rise buildings
Window cleaning (ground or high-rise office blocks)
Expert carpet cleaning using eco-friendly products
Deep upholstery cleaning
Stripping & sealing of floors
Thorough cleaning of buildings and premises: pre- and post-occupation
Spring cleaning - from top to bottom
Post-construction cleaning
Office Cleaning
An annual or semi-annual deep clean not only tidies up your workplace, it completely eliminates germs and microbes on every possible surface, and even the soft furnishings. Most people know that bathrooms and kitchens are a breeding ground for germs, but only a professional deep cleaning services companyknows about the other germ-magnets that most office workers handle every day.
When was the last time your light switch was cleaned?
Have you ever sanitised your keyboard and mouse?
What about the elevator buttons, telephone receivers and water cooler?
Excellent Hygiene takes everything into account.

A "deep clean", it involves much, much more than your usual cleaning routine.
Clinical/Medical Waste
Our comprehensive range of medical and clinical waste disposal services are designed to help you manage your waste effectively and be fully compliant with the latest legislation. We ensure that we collect, handle and dispose of your healthcare waste in the safest manner available.

From sharps to medical waste we create a service based around your clinical waste disposal needs that is efficient, economic and compliant.

Our commitment to caring for the environment ensures that we actively seek the most responsible method of disposal for any given waste stream.
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